Beware of ranklogix scammers

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I signed up with them back in januaray in 2013 in order to get me in the first page on google , first time I called asked them about getting in the first page in 30 days like what the website saying he said its too expensive for you we a plan will get you within 3 months in the 1st page costs $297 a months , waited for 3 months nothing happened and asked for report he sent me one for the google places , where I was in the first page before I signed up with them , our afreement was for the organic search not the google places...anyway I tried to solve it with them , he said let me work on it for free and do not when I can get you in the first page I knew it was a scam because they never fulfill the agreement was trying to bluff me with the google places report , asked for refund refused and told reed ur contract .never got my money back simply crooks

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Have you come across a page called Ranklogix?If you happen to have thought of subscribing to their services, then you are lucky reading this piece of news.

I paid these fellows 2000USD for them to build my site ranking on SEO. I asked them to show me where I can see the prepared links with my keywords in them. This way, I would tell if they were really genuine. I received my first report from them.

A report that was not satisfactory. The links were incomplete! I tried calling Mark Kreischer (who also uses the name Chris Barnes). After patiently waiting, I got an email from the guy saying that the results can be seen only after 8months.

I felt this was a phony and decided to inform many about this fraudulent act.

Never agree to pay any money before you see the result.Never consider these people genuine.

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Also lost nearly a thousand dollars in 3 months in order to get my website in the first page of google arganic search never did , and no refund ...beware of the contract you are signing with them .

Winter Haven, Florida, United States #670721

First off, my name is Chris Barnes, the person that Mr. Gil called, Mark Kreischer, is a completely different person who is a co-owner in the company.

Mr. Gil initially approached us for a very large SEO order and after he received our proposal, told us that we were too expensive and wasn't going to use us. Two weeks later he called and said he had decided to work with us (more than likely because we were less expensive than 99% of the other SEO companies out there).

Mr. Gil hired us to target 30 keywords for him and was probably the most difficult client we have ever taken.

Within 2 weeks of using our service, despite the fact that his keywords had already started moving up in rankings he demanded to know exactly where all of his links had been built and wanted to know "what he paid for". At this point it is important to mention that before he ever paid us he was made aware that we do not send link reports as this is explicity mentioned in the proposal, the only reports we send are ranking reports.

Due to his overbearing and threatening demeanor we decided to send Mr. Gil a fractional link report to show him examples of where his links were located just to calm the situation and I am not sure if Mr. Gil is just ignorant or likes to argue but this still did not satisfy him, he didn't seem to understand that after only 2 weeks he did not have all his links built as we do this over a month to month period, not all at once. At this point he...

Just to set a few things straight:

1. I never stated that it would be 7-8 months before he saw good rankings, being a results based company with no contracts the only incentive clients have for keeping us as their SEO company are the rankings we achieve for their sites. He was quoted 60-90 days to start seeing good movement for his keywords.

2. Mr. Gil canceled the service before the first month was even complete and did not give us a chance to show him a fraction of the results we would have gotten for his keywords.

Mr. Gil runs an escort agency and maintains a website called "***" and if you look at the bottom of the page under "Companies" you will see that every SEO company he has ever hired is on this site. At what point do you say maybe it's not the company, but the client, that is the problem and that he may actually be unstable.

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